Removed series brought me all the way to China for Lianzhou Foto Festival

I have to thank curator Francois Cheval for being not just an irreplaceable figure in the world of historical and contemporary photography but for also being so warm and welcoming and supportive of my work. He found Removed like so many others online and immediately reached out to me with an invitation to exhibit the series in Lianzhou, China. Francois is the kind of photography lover who oozes with passion and excitement over images.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to China for the exhibition and festival and to spend time with Francois and his team which turned out to be a trip of a lifetime. I spent late nights singing at the KTV and making new friends, all of which were gathering to celebrate the incredible Lianzhou Foto Festival.

Great to be on BBC program Click again!

I had a great time speaking with the gentleman from BBC World Service program Click. Thank you Bill ThompsonGareth Mitchell-BBC, and Colin Grant for keeping things fun and insightful.

Below is an excerpt from our conversation about my new series

The full show is here:

I encourage you to listen to the entire program however, if you're in a hurry my interview begins around (7:10).

NoShow: Official release of new work by Eric Pickersgill


"Back to Back Clouds", Wilmington, NC 2016

"Back to Back Clouds", Wilmington, NC 2016

This spring I became immersed in the fake Facebook event phenomenon where people were creating and promoting bogus concerts online. I set out to photograph as many as I could, even if that meant photographing a rural South Carolina video rental store at 2:30am. Like my Removed series, this body of work relies heavily on direct interaction with other humans while I explore the messy intersection of the physical and virtual world. In simplest terms, the project is an example of the divisiveness and manipulation that occurs through our beloved social media platforms.

The entire series and statement can be found at

**Today (November 1, 2016) around 3:30pm EST I will be speaking about NoShow on the BBC during the radio show Click. You can launch the BBC Live Player here.

Thanks for looking!

"I Love Limp", Morganton, NC 2016

"I Love Limp", Morganton, NC 2016

"TacoFest", Nashville, TN 2016

"TacoFest", Nashville, TN 2016

"MGMT", Morganton, NC 2016

"MGMT", Morganton, NC 2016


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Eric Pickersgill Speaking at TEDxPantheonSorbonne in Paris, Video Online Now!

I have excitedly waited all summer to view my talk from TEDxPantheonSorbonne in Paris, France in June of 2016. I had an incredible time meeting the people and experiencing the culture of Paris and still cannot believe they gave me the opportunity to be the opening speaker of the event. I owe the team at TEDxPantheonSorbonne so much more than a sincere thank you. They really are a wonderful group of people. 

Le travail d'Eric met en avant de manière universelle ce que beaucoup ont tenté d'illustrer sur le changement de comportements humains engendrés par l'utilisation des téléphones portables, tablettes, etc. Ces portraits épurés exposent les enjeux contemporains à travers une composition réfléchie et attirent le regard et la sensibilité du public sur les rituels quotidiens souvent négligés.

I am also happy to share the photograph I made during my talk. 

TEDxPantheonSorbonne Removed / Paris, 2016

TEDxPantheonSorbonne Removed / Paris, 2016

**URGENT** Tickets for TEDxCharlotte on sale now! This will sell out!

I will be presenting my Removed series as well as new work at TEDxCharlotte on October 28, 2016 and the remaining tickets went on sale last night at midnight. They will be gone by this evening so if you plan to attend the event then this is your only chance! The line up of speakers is truly amazing and attending a TEDx event is such an inspiring and life changing experience.

Eric Pickersgill Speaking at TEDxBend, 2016

Eric Pickersgill Speaking at TEDxBend, 2016

Guest Editor of Resource Magazine Summer 16!

Thanks to Resource Magazine for including me as guest editor and to share my Removed series in the "Social Media" Summer Issue. The issue includes 11 photographs and a short essay that I wrote about my practice and the project. 

Resource Mag is available at bookstores and studios across the U.S. You can order a copy here.

**More Studio News**

I have been deep into a new project the past few months and am headed to my darkroom now to process film that will conclude my new series. The work will be released in mid-October and I will be giving a sneak peek of the project during an artist talk that I am giving at The Light Factory in Charlotte, NC on September 29th. 

While I was in Chicago last week making new work, I was followed by Central China Television as they filmed a short documentary about my practice. They interviewed me at Columbia College Chicago in the darkroom where I once worked. They also spoke with the brilliant and prolific Terry Evans who was my professor for a documentary photography course in 2009 and who also has work in an important and pressing exhibition at the MoCP. The short will be be out early 2017.