"Melissa, 2014" Gelatin Silver Print at AIPAD

One of the first silver prints from Removed to make a public appearance is this photograph titled Melissa. The 24" x 20" print is hanging in the Rick Wester Fine Art booth #506 at AIPAD The Photography Show in its new location at Pier 94 in New York City.

Thanks to my wonderful agent and photo consultant superstar Julie Grahame for sending me this quick shot.

"Melissa" at The Photography Show '17 / RWFA Booth #605 / Photo by Julie Grahame

"Melissa" at The Photography Show '17 / RWFA Booth #605 / Photo by Julie Grahame

Source: https://aipadshow.com/Exhibitors/Galleries...

Removed at Vitra Design Museum, Germany!

I am thrilled to announce that three photographs from Removed are on display in the exhibition "Hello, Robot. Design between man and machine" at The Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, Germany.

Click here for more information about the exhibition.

The exhibition was curated by Amelie Klein (Vitra Design Museum), Thomas Geisler, Marlies Wirth (MAK) and Fredo de Smet (design museum Gent, consultant curator) The curators were supported by an international advisory board. Science fiction writer Bruce Sterling belongs to him as well as the design researcher Gesche Joost, the Turin architect and director of the MIT Senseable City Lab Carlo Ratti, the media expert Sabine Himmelsbach and the cultural and media scientist Paul Feigelfeld. 

After the Vitra Design Museum debut the exhibition will travel internationally for several years-

February 11 to 14 May 2017: Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein
June 21 to 1 October 2017: MAK, Vienna
October 27, 2017 - April 14, 2018: Design museum Gent
May 12 to November 4 2018 Gewerbemuseum Winterthur
More destinations TBA

Fellow  Columbia College Chicago  Alum  Cocar Barton-Wooty Woo  with his beautiful family visiting my work at the  Vitra Design Museum  exhibition  #hellorobot . The work will travel to Vienna and Gent later this year!

Fellow Columbia College Chicago Alum Cocar Barton-Wooty Woo with his beautiful family visiting my work at the Vitra Design Museum exhibition #hellorobot. The work will travel to Vienna and Gent later this year!

As always, thank you to the team at Rick Wester Fine Art for handling all of the logistics that made this exhibition possible!

Source: http://www.design-museum.de/fileadmin/_pro...

CCTV Interview goes live after filming from Chicago to Charlotte!

I had a great time working with the team at CCTV for this interview. They traveled to Chicago, IL with me to film while I was wrapping up my last project NoShow. Afterwards they met me at my studio in Charlotte, NC to see where I work and watched me process the film from my shoot. Enjoy!

Removed series brought me all the way to China for Lianzhou Foto Festival

I have to thank curator Francois Cheval for being not just an irreplaceable figure in the world of historical and contemporary photography but for also being so warm and welcoming and supportive of my work. He found Removed like so many others online and immediately reached out to me with an invitation to exhibit the series in Lianzhou, China. Francois is the kind of photography lover who oozes with passion and excitement over images.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to China for the exhibition and festival and to spend time with Francois and his team which turned out to be a trip of a lifetime. I spent late nights singing at the KTV and making new friends, all of which were gathering to celebrate the incredible Lianzhou Foto Festival.

Liberation Magazine includes NoShow in piece about propaganda and disinformation

Thanks so much to Clementine Mercier of Libération for introducing my NoShow project and mentioning Removed in this brilliant piece about artists addressing misinformation in the digital age. It's always surreal when my work is mentioned alongside other artists such as Ren Hang, Olafur Eliasson, Amalia Ulman, Gianni Motti, and Constant Dullaart.

Read the piece here.

Removed Photograph Created at The Light Factory 2016 Annual Auction

Removed photograph I made during the opening of the live auction at The Light Factory in November. The image was immediately sold to kick off the live auction and was a great success. Thank you to everyone for participating, I had a lot of fun with this one!

The Light Factory Removed, 2016

The Light Factory Removed, 2016

Great to be on BBC program Click again!

I had a great time speaking with the gentleman from BBC World Service program Click. Thank you Bill ThompsonGareth Mitchell-BBC, and Colin Grant for keeping things fun and insightful.

Below is an excerpt from our conversation about my new series www.noshow.social

The full show is here: http://bbc.in/2fBlfsj

I encourage you to listen to the entire program however, if you're in a hurry my interview begins around (7:10).

NoShow: Official release of new work by Eric Pickersgill


"  Back to Back Clouds  ", Wilmington, NC 2016

"Back to Back Clouds", Wilmington, NC 2016

This spring I became immersed in the fake Facebook event phenomenon where people were creating and promoting bogus concerts online. I set out to photograph as many as I could, even if that meant photographing a rural South Carolina video rental store at 2:30am. Like my Removed series, this body of work relies heavily on direct interaction with other humans while I explore the messy intersection of the physical and virtual world. In simplest terms, the project is an example of the divisiveness and manipulation that occurs through our beloved social media platforms.

The entire series and statement can be found at www.noshow.social

**Today (November 1, 2016) around 3:30pm EST I will be speaking about NoShow on the BBC during the radio show Click. You can launch the BBC Live Player here.

Thanks for looking!

"I Love Limp", Morganton, NC 2016

"I Love Limp", Morganton, NC 2016

"TacoFest", Nashville, TN 2016

"TacoFest", Nashville, TN 2016

"MGMT", Morganton, NC 2016

"MGMT", Morganton, NC 2016


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For exhibition and print inquiries contact Rick Wester Fine Art


Speaker at Grand Opening for Kibbitznest Books, Brews & Blarney

In October I was invited to speak at the opening celebration for a new cafe and book store, Kibbitznest Books, Brews & Blarney in Chicago. Here is the photograph I made during my artist talk about my series Removed. Thanks to my buddies who came out to support me and thank you to Lewis and Anne Neri Kostiner for the generous invitation.

Kibbitznest, 2016

Kibbitznest, 2016

Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10...