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Announcing Collaboration of Silent Pocket and REMOVED.SOCIAL!


Removed is a series about device use that came from a very personal place. Making the photographs was a way for me to confront and analyze the changes I was seeing in the lives around me. The work going viral made evident that noticing this shift was universal. 

As the creator of this series, I still find it difficult to partition my device use from my personal and family time. I knew there had to be a product out there that would help my family, friends, and supporters of my work regain control over where and when we use our smartphones.

A few months ago I began a dialogue with Aaron Zar, the founder of Silent Pocket. His line of patented soft goods serves the dual purpose of keeping your digital information safe as well as helping users to disconnect from their devices. Sliding your device into a Silent Pocket Faraday Sleeve blocks all incoming messages, emails, wifi, etc. which allows you to “Mind The Grid” as their slogan simply states. This feels different than powering the device down and allows you to quickly and fully engage with the individuals or tasks that are right in front of you.

I am excited to announce my partnership with Silent Pocket as we release the limited edition run of the REMOVED.SOCIAL Cell Phone Faraday Sleeve. I've been using mine at home while with my family and even while working on location so that I can be fully engaged in making my photographs. I am thrilled to see the launch of this product as I know it will positively impact the lives and relationships of so many people around the world! 

Click here for technical and purchase info about the REMOVED.SOCIAL Faraday Sleeve by Silent Pocket