Removed - Solo Exhibition at Art Souterrain Festival 2019 / Montreal, Canada

I am honored that Maude Arsenault curated Removed into this years Art Souterrain Festival. The festival is a main attraction for Montreal each March and I am so excited to participate. This is one of the most public displays of my work which was said to have been viewed in person by over 150,000 people! I was fortunately invited to the festival and spent an incredible week in Montreal. I met so many amazing artists, and art lovers and I hope to visit that wonderful city again in the near future.

Prints from Removed ASEAN found a new home in Hong Kong!

It’s difficult to explain the feeling when you put your heart into your work and then someone who truly appreciates it builds a relationship with you and then makes the leap to live with your art. It’s like a part of you and that person merge and you know both of you will never be the same. Thanks Michael Pascual for making my work and life a permanent fixture of your home in #HongKong. I excitedly await our next hangout but until then I’ll be hanging right there on your living room wall. Thanks Kurt Tong for the framer recommendation. They were really great to work with. 



Once again, pieces from Removed are finding their way into another country. The exhibition HELLO, ROBOT. DESIGN BETWEEN HUMAN AND MACHINE curated by AMELIE KLEIN, THOMAS GEISLER, MARLIES WIRTH, and FREDO DE SMET runs from January 23 - April 22, 2019 at Museum Art Architecture Technology in Lisbon, Portugal.

Before "Fake News", Photograph from my NoShow series at Eyes on MAIN Street, Wilson NC

In the early spring of 2016, amidst the media blitz of the 2016 Presidential Election, I noticed something very strange happening online. All across the United States, Facebook users, some real some fake, were creating event invitations for obscure and hard to believe public concerts in unlikely places. The first to catch my attention was “Fred Durst LIVE at Rose's Department Store”. Thousands had RSVP’d and many commented, shared, and argued about the veracity of the event. I knew I needed to show up. The day of the event I made portraits of the those who showed up. The fake event sparked a several months journey for me as I attended dozens more of these events across the country that summer. The project as I could sense was touching on one of the real world examples of how the uncharted territory of social media was falsely shifting peoples opinions, beliefs and even actions. More of the series NoShow can be viewed here.

The day before the 2016 Presidential election I was interviewed on the BBC’s technology program Click and months later the project was introduced as a major solo exhibition in Merignac France for the Merignac Photographic Festival in 2017.

Most recently, one of the images from NoShow was selected for a group exhibition here in my home state. I am excited that the photograph “Hoods Up, 2016” will be on display in large format for the 5th Edition of EYES on MAIN Street in Wilson, NC. The festival officially opens April 27th, 2019 and I’m so excited to be showing at this exhibition once again.

Hoods Up, 2016 / Morganton, NC

NoShow Exhibition - Merignac Photographic Festival

Below are photographs from my exhibition of the project NoShow at the Merignac Photographic Festival in Merignac, France. The exhibition took place at the Médiathèque in the center of the city. I was thrilled to be able to attend the festival, spend more time with Francois Cheval as well as the additional exhibiting artists and the hundreds of wonderful people who supported the festival. 

Photographs by Sébastien Sindeu 

Here is an interview with me that the festival put together about my thoughts on photography and the exhibition.

Interview Erick Pickersgill - Mérignac Photographic Festival 2017

Les faux évènements Facebook, vous connaissez ? Eric Pickersgill, l'un des artistes du Mérignac Photographic Festival, les as traqués et vous présente son travail à la Médiathèque jusqu'au 17 décembre à travers l'exposition photo "No Show". #MPF2017

Posted by Mérignac on Friday, November 24, 2017

Interview with Semana in Columbia

Interview with Semana in Columbia

I had the pleasure of speaking with Semana Magazine in Columbia this week. Excited to be sharing the printed version with the pope right now. 

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End of Summer Studio Update!

End of Summer Studio Update!

Finally updated my followers and base supporters with news from my studio this year. This is an example of waiting too long to let people know whats been going on...

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