Great to be on BBC program Click again!

I had a great time speaking with the gentleman from BBC World Service program Click. Thank you Bill ThompsonGareth Mitchell-BBC, and Colin Grant for keeping things fun and insightful.

Below is an excerpt from our conversation about my new series www.noshow.social

The full show is here: http://bbc.in/2fBlfsj

I encourage you to listen to the entire program however, if you're in a hurry my interview begins around (7:10).

NoShow: Official release of new work by Eric Pickersgill


"  Back to Back Clouds  ", Wilmington, NC 2016

"Back to Back Clouds", Wilmington, NC 2016

This spring I became immersed in the fake Facebook event phenomenon where people were creating and promoting bogus concerts online. I set out to photograph as many as I could, even if that meant photographing a rural South Carolina video rental store at 2:30am. Like my Removed series, this body of work relies heavily on direct interaction with other humans while I explore the messy intersection of the physical and virtual world. In simplest terms, the project is an example of the divisiveness and manipulation that occurs through our beloved social media platforms.

The entire series and statement can be found at www.noshow.social

**Today (November 1, 2016) around 3:30pm EST I will be speaking about NoShow on the BBC during the radio show Click. You can launch the BBC Live Player here.

Thanks for looking!

"I Love Limp", Morganton, NC 2016

"I Love Limp", Morganton, NC 2016

"TacoFest", Nashville, TN 2016

"TacoFest", Nashville, TN 2016

"MGMT", Morganton, NC 2016

"MGMT", Morganton, NC 2016


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